Portfolio Program in Nonprofit Studies

Program overview

Graduate Portfolio programs are opportunities for students to obtain credentials in a cross-disciplinary academic area of inquiry while they are completing the requirements for a masters or doctoral degree. The Portfolio Program in Nonprofit Studies offers courses focused on philanthropy, volunteerism, nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship. Students who complete the coursework and other requirements receive official certification in Nonprofit Studies as a complement to their advanced degree.
From the Nonprofit Portfolio program, students may expect:

  • Community and Professional Development Opportunities: students attend social events with graduate colleagues and alumni who share a passion for the nonprofit sector, including colloquia, lectures, workshops, and other opportunities for networking and developing professional skills.
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning with a focus in Nonprofit Studies: students may take courses outside their home department on the approved course list, such as in Social Work, Business, Communication, Community and Regional Planning, Sociology and Information.
  • Academic Recognition: completion of the Nonprofit Portfolio Program is certified on students’ official UT transcripts.
  • Career Advancement: students receive notice of volunteer, internship and job opportunities as members of the listserv.

Program Requirements

With planning and the use of electives, students typically fulfill the requirements of the Portfolio Program without extending the time necessary to complete their graduate degree program.

  1. Complete 4 courses (12 credit hours) from the list of approved courses, including:
    • One course must be with an RGK Center faculty member (Ostrower, Rehnborg or Sosa)
    • Three courses from the approved list of Nonprofit Portfolio program courses. Internships for which a student receives academic credit or a thesis project on a nonprofit topic may be eligible for up to 3 credit hours.
  2. Provide 40 hours of volunteer service at a nonprofit or public service organization (download volunteer hours form)
  3. Participate in at least two (2) Nonprofit Portfolio Colloquia (see upcoming events)
  4. Attend the Portfolio Capstone event (in April/May of your graduating year)


Portfolio programs are not degree programs. UT Austin graduate-level students from all disciplines are eligible to apply. Students may apply and join the program at any time, but are encouraged to apply during the first year of studies.

Apply online.

Contact Program Coordinator

Moira Porter
Program Coordinator
RGK Center for Philanthropy & Community Service
Phone: 512-471-7355
Email: moira@austin.utexas.edu