Social Entrepreneurship at RGK


The RGK Center is committed to developing the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Through the development of a teaching methodology and courses that are relevant to any discipline, the RGK Social Entrepreneurship Program trains and inspires students from diverse backgrounds and interests to develop their own solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems.

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As part of its goal to create and support a global community of social entrepreneurs, the RGK Center leads a number of outreach programs intended to provide tools and resources to practicing social entrepreneurs and to raise public awareness and interest in the field of social entrepreneurship.

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The RGK Center is committed to the expansion and development of the global knowledge base of social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship instruction. To that end, the Social Entrepreneurship Program supports faculty and student research and publications in topics related to social entrepreneurship.

A UT graduate builds MedSavers pharmacy into a sustainable source for the uninsured to access affordable medication.


Dell Social Innovation Challenge

Building the next generation of social entrepreneurs depends not just on world-class teaching and training but also on supporting them with opportunities for strategic partnerships and start-up capital. The annual Dell Social Innovation Challenge attracts more than 1,500 student submissions, and awards a $60,000 Grand Prize to the best idea.
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We partner with a number of organizations that share our commitment to social entrepreneurship.