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Neighbors walk for change in crime-ridden neighborhood

KVUE (ABC) - 04/13/2015

RGK Center Restore Rundberg researchers provide context in this KVUE article about weekly neighborhood walks to foster community and reduce illegal activity.

Persuading Americans to act on climate change

The Monkey Cage (The Washington Post) - 04/08/2015

In this article, RGK Center Associate Professor Joshua Busby and co-author Bethany Albertson draw attention to the appeals that best persuade the U.S. public on climate change. Using an experimental design, Drs. Busby and Albertson assessed a diverse sample of 330 participants on their responses to four different appeals. The experiment yielded some surprising results particularly with regard to the impact that varying degrees of climate change knowledge had on participant response to the persuasive messaging.

Photography project works to give voice to students in Rundberg neighborhood

The Daily Texan - 09/18/2014

Angela Baucom and Shubhada Saxena, graduate students in the RGK Center’s Portfolio in Nonprofit Studies, are featured in a Daily Texan article about a Restore Rundberg afterschool program at Dobie Middle School.

Social Entrepreneurship Gives New Opportunity For College Graduates And Teachers Alike

Forbes - 03/07/2014

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge, created in 2007 at the RGK Center, is described as part of a larger trend towards socially-conscious career choices among recent college graduates. Read full article.

Meet the 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge Winners

Dell - 04/05/2013

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